Stop worrying and start sleeping

Do you ever have trouble getting to sleep? Sometimes our worries keep us from drifting off…


One thing you can do is keep a 'Worry List' by your bedside. This exercise allows you to get the worries off your mind by writing them down, so you can refocus on the task at hand - sleeping.

Keep a notebook by your bed. When getting ready to sleep, make a note of everything that might be bothering you. Assure yourself that these worries are for tomorrow. Then focus on your present winding down state. You could focus on your breathing or the sounds or smells of whatever is around you. This will help you disengage from the worry... The same worries may come back, but that’s OK – jot them again on your list and re-focus your thoughts back to your present situation.

Put the notebook away and notice where you are what is going on around you. Feel of the duvet against your skin, hear the wind rustling the trees, get comfortable and try to sleep knowing that tomorrow you will have plenty of time and space for those worries.