It's good to talk

We are thrilled to announce that isoshealth is now one of our trusted partners. Like us, Isoshealth has an extremely holistic approach when it comes to health. They call their approach the ‘power of 3’.

They call it the ‘power of 3’ because they facilitate consultations with dieticians, psychologists, and physiotherapists ensuring that your dietary, mental and physical wellbeing is cared for.

This approach allows everyone they work with to feel like an athlete, having their very own team to support and guide them through their personal mental and physical growth journey.

Do you fancy meeting them… ?

Here, we introduce isoshealth, and why they always think its a good idea to talk.

Rewind back 30 years when Bob Hoskins fronted a new ad campaign for BT advising to all the macho males in the UK what the female half of the population knew already.  Namely that it was indeed “good to talk”.  It is thought to be one of the most successful campaigns of all time and a lesson that is still entirely appropriate in workplaces today. 


“Its good to talk”

It is isoshealth’s mission to facilitate real conversations between those seeking help to feel better, and the clinically regulated practitioners waiting to help them. Their digital secure platform is just a click away from your 87 percent app. Through it you can have one to one video consultations with psychologists, CBT therapists, dietitians, and Physiotherapists. So given that its good to talk, how can they help you, and how does it work? 

How isoshealth can help?

Isoshealth’s practitioners are here to help you with a range of conditions that may be affecting how you feel at work, and at home. Help is provided through one to one video consultations at a time and place to suit you, via the isoshealth site. And of course, as its one to one the advice is absolutely tailored to you, and not a one size fits all approach.

Some of the ways that the isoshealth experts can help you include:

Mental Health – Stress, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, confidence at work, in fact, anything is causing you stress or anxiety concerns.

Physical Health – Sports performance, injury recovery, rehabilitation, exercise, movement, necks, backs.

Nutritional Health – Diet, BMI, diabetes, peri menopause and menopause, post natal, pre op preparation, and post op recovery.

And as everything interlinks – the key to better mental wellbeing could well be held within your diet, or movement. Through isoshealth you can choose single sessions to focus purely on one key area, or work with a team of all three disciplines, to cover your diet, mind and body.  

So, whether you want to lose weight, reduce stress or fit in more movement during your day, practitioners on the isoshealth platform waiting to talk to you.

How it works…

The isoshealth platform is surprisingly simple and reassuringly secure. There is a link to it on the 87 percent app via the support section, or you can click here.

You are then just a few small steps away from talking to one of the experts and starting to change the way you feel.

1.    The first step is to answer a few quick top-level questions that will allow isoshealth to match you to a range of experts who are able to help you achieve your goals.

2.    Take a look, read a bit about them, and select the practitioner(s) you would like to work with. You can also check that they are available at times to suit you.

3.    After selecting your preferred expert you then pay for your consultation, or series of consultations, and onto booking a time for your consultation.

4.    Before it takes place you will need to complete a confidential questionnaire, only seen by your selected expert(s). The questionnaire is designed to provide your practitioner or team with the advanced knowledge necessary to make your video consultation as effective as possible.

5.    Armed with the insights from your questionnaire, your expert practitioner gets to work preparing for your first consultation. Just log on at your booked time, and your chosen practitioner will meet you there.


Every consultation is different because we are all unique. One consultation may be enough to point you in the right direction, or you may choose to work with a team of three experts and book additional consultations. How often, how many, and with which experts is entirely up to you. If you have chosen to work with a team of three experts they will all have access to notes from every session and the ability to communicate about your progress.  Should you be interested in a bespoke package of sessions with just one type of practitioner, simply get in touch with us via the onscreen chat button, and we’ll get it set up just for you.

All of your video conversations are securely saved, so you can come back and review them at any stage. With these tools at hand, you and your team can ensure that you stay on track towards your health goals.

You can find much more detail on the isoshealth web site, and platform including the background to how and why isoshealth founder Kim Page set the business up.

Whatever you chose to do next remember what Bob Hoskins said back in the 80s “Its good to talk”.

For more details, and to talk with isoshealth directly click here.