Self-Health Exercise | What works for you

More and more we are starting to realise that mental health and wellbeing is just as important as our physical health. The good news is, you’re probably already doing a few things to keep you mentally strong and on track.  This exercise will help you take stock of the wellbeing boosters in your life.


You’ll start by making a list of the activities that make you feel good about your self, and where you are in life. Use your notes app, a journal, anything that suits you.

1 - First think about your physical health. Is there a sport or physical activity that you do regularly? Do you take a yoga or fitness class, or a long walk on the weekend? Is there a particular super-food you work into your diet?

2 - Now think about your emotional health. Is there a certain type of music you listen to that puts you into a mood? Is there a time during the week that you spend outdoors to change your perspective?

3 - Next think about your relational health. Do you spend time with a special person that makes you feel good about yourself? Is there a group of friends you see regularly, for a laugh and a chat? Is there someone at work that takes the pressure off?

4 - For each of the areas above, come up with two things you are doing already, and one thing you wish you were doing.

5 - Make a commitment to incorporate one of those “wish” items into your regular wellbeing routine, starting tomorrow, with no excuses.

Top tip: Having trouble making a list? Use some of the articles in this week’s Issue or visit the Knowledge Hub for inspiration.