Our people are our most precious asset and we know yours are too. That’s why we have developed a very human approach to making mental wellbeing work … for everyone. We provide a straightforward way for organisations of all sizes to build or enhance a mental wellbeing strategy that boosts productivity and resilience in the workplace and beyond.

Our platform provides employees with the tools they need to Measure, Understand and Improve their mental wellbeing. At the same time providing the organisation with data and insights to further support them while maintaining complete privacy and security. And at a cost that makes sense.

Scientifically based

87%’s methodology builds on years of scientific research. To make it human we have broken mental wellbeing into 7 distinct dimensions, that reflect everyday life and we use proven techniques to ensure you get the best results.

Built for you

By constantly measuring and understanding who you are as a company, and as individuals, we can provide you with a unique way to build resilience and self-awareness through a tailored mental wellbeing approach that everyone will appreciate.

Proactive & helpful

Life is full of ups and downs. We have organised our platform in a multitude of ways that allows your people to go at the speed that is best for them and puts it into the context of their lives and aspirations.

Built on your data

No one knows your organisation better than you do. We aggregate the data to build a unique profile of your company and provide insightful and bespoke recommendations. Then we measure the results so we can adjust where needed for maximum ROI.

platform Overview


strategy & planning

Whether you already have a Mental Wellbeing strategy or are looking to develop one, we can help. We provide everything you need to establish or enhance a mental wellbeing program within your business, with minimal fuss.


employee app

A secure and private space where employees can measure, understand and improve their mental wellbeing. Simple, engaging and built for humans, it provides everything needed to build and maintain mental fitness.



Creating a supportive culture requires more than just a useful app. That’s why we publish helpful content that builds self awareness, one of the fundamentals of positive mental wellbeing. To everybody and straight to their inbox.



Maintaining positive mental health takes a little work. So we provide helpful notifications that keep people on track, at the pace they choose. Gently creating the space to invest in yourself and gain the rewards.

i-DataDriven Insight.png

data driven insight

Every business needs to know where to focus their precious resources for maximum benefit. We provide a qualified eye to review and generate insights from your aggregated data that allows you to focus on the areas of greatest need.


expert advice

We know sometimes things go wrong. We have psychological experts on hand to support your HR team through any event, big or small. If it is affecting your business we can get you back to full strength, quickly and confidently.

return on investment

Richard Glynn Executive Chairman, Founder

Richard Glynn
Executive Chairman, Founder

Investment behind Workplace mental wellbeing initiatives should ideally benefit both the employee and the company, quantifiably.

Such investment has been shown to provide to the company a combination of hard financial benefits

(decreased absenteeism, decreased turnover, increased presenteeism and most important increased productivity) and “softer” benefits (improved resilience, enhanced loyalty, employee empowerment, de stigmatization and most important improved wellbeing).

These benefits accrue best when individuals wellbeing gains are tangible and where the company is perceived to be both listening and acting.

Deloitte calculated the benefits of preventative mental wellbeing programs in a company at an average 4.2; 1 (Monitor Deloitte October 2017, P 5, “ the case for investment “.)

The case for investment could be made solely on the employee and societal benefits themselves. However the case for investment is irrefutable when measurement of the wellbeing benefits can be correlated with other performance data.

Data insight into mental wellbeing initiatives is the foundation for investment. Investment is the basis for corporate productivity gains.

Richard Glynn
Executive Chairman, Founder

service proposition

For larger Organisations and Companies

If you are larger you most likely have a wellbeing strategy in place. Our comprehensive and modular offering is built to compliment the most comprehensive strategy giving you unique data and insight that will inform and guide you.

For Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

If you are a smaller company you may not have the resources to dedicate to a specific mental wellbeing program. That is where we can help. Our easy to buy plans give you everything you need to start on this important journey and support your employees.