87% Mental Wellbeing Starter Program


87% Mental Wellbeing Starter Program


Yearly Subscription per Employee (£1.50 per month)

This program is designed to help organisations get a mental wellbeing management program up and running at minimal cost.

Access to 87%’s mental wellbeing management platform.

  1. All employees will gain access to our popular mental wellbeing weekly newsletter, built to improve their wellbeing through engaging content

  2. All employees will be invited to use the 87% App (iOS or Android) via a unique code sent to them as part of our on-boarding process.

  3. You, the employer will also get access to a simple dashboard showing aggregated data, if you are below 25 employees we will not be able to show any data, this is to protect employee privacy

  4. Employee Engagement notifications and emails are sent to app users based on preferences and are there to help everyone go at their own pace

One of our friendly account management team will contact you immediately to get you set up.

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£1.50 per month on a 12 month subscription