Our goal is to inspire us all to measure, understand and improve our mental wellbeing, so that we can live happier, more fulfilling lives.

13 % 

of adults report living with high levels of good mental health @Mind.org


of people will experience a mental health problem this year @Mind.org


pay gap for people that disclose mental health issues @MindHealth.org.uk

These statistics represent something very personal, our mental health and it's under increasing pressure.  At the same time the number of solutions trying to get our attention keeps growing, making it difficult to choose the right course of action to either improve or maintain good mental health.

And positive mental wellbeing is increasingly seen as the key to leading a productive and happy life.  We have created a friendly, safe and completely private environment, where you can measure, understand and improve your mental wellbeing.  This allows you to explore without judgement and see your strengths and weaknesses along with valuable content and helpful solutions all approved by our very helpful psychology team. 

We all have a right to positive mental health and 87% puts it in your hands.

Our Approach


We know that when we are able to measure things and put them into the context of others, we empower ourselves and can often make small changes that make big differences.  We have embraced common thinking and distilled the complexity of mental wellbeing into seven dimensions that we can all relate to.  This allows us everyone to gain an understanding of where they are in each dimension and explore the unique properties of each.

Our scientific team developed a unique model backed by thousands of studies that measures both hedonic (happiness and satisfaction) and eudaemonic  (meaning and purpose in life) wellbeing.

Measuring where we lie on a spectrum of mental health empowers us with knowledge about our mental health, and maintain it as regularly as we monitor physical health.


87% for businesses


“Championing mental health and supporting employees makes good business sense…inaction comes at a demonstrable cost..”

David Sproul , CEO Deloitte UK




      KEY BENEFITS for business

  • Monitor, analyse and segment your organisation's mental wellbeing while protecting employee confidentially 
  • Measure the effectiveness of mental wellbeing investments across different employee segments
  • Deliver on duty of care obligations and thus lower legal liability risk
  • By improving employees' mental wellbeing, improve key business KPIs (e.g. absence/sickness, turnover, engagement and satisfaction)
  • Lower the stigma around mental health
  • Focus on prevention and prediction not just cure

87% for employees


We help employees measure, understand and improve their mental wellbeing.

Everything is 100% confidential...


Mental wellbeing fluctuates naturally, in reaction to everyday joys and challenges. Our algorithm evaluates thousands of data points that include behavioural activity and environmental data. Every employee has access to clinically validated measures to assess their overall mental wellbeing, as well as across each key dimensions. Employees are able to monitor their mental wellbeing over time, and compare themselves to the average. We believe that when it comes to mental wellbeing, if you have the means to measure it, then you can take steps to maintain or improve it.



We have developed a recommendation engine that hand-picks content tailored to you. This includes a personal selection of articles, videos and podcasts that aim to help you understand your mental wellbeing in specific areas.

All of our content is curated and approved by our helpful team of psychologists.

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It is true that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for mental wellbeing. In fact, there are actually around 10,000 technology solutions which address different aspects of your mental wellbeing. 87% has developed a method of evaluating the solutions that are most effective, and providing those that are most relevant to your areas of strength or give you opportunities for growth. This allows you to have full control over your mental wellbeing, and take steps to help you maintain or  improve.

Our scientific team has also developed a library of Tips and Tricks, each one focused on helping you cope with any immediate challenges or difficulties or to simply enable you to stay in good mental health.


Psychologists agree that sharing feelings and frustrations with others is important for good mental wellbeing. Sharing with and listening to others has been proven to help people be heard, supported and feel as though they are not alone.

This is the reason we have incorporated an anonymous user community. It is a space dedicated to open and supportive communication. Safety is our priority, so the community is strictly moderated by our psychologists and we use the latest in chat technology.

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