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Who are the Leaders of Tomorrow?

Here at 87% we believe that everyone has the right to feel empowered by their own mental wellbeing, by building healthy daily habits and understanding yourself fully. The more we do this, the more we break down the stigma that exists in society around mental health. Everyone has mental health… we just need to get people talking about it!

We have created a mental wellbeing advocacy board, this board has been designed for the future leaders within companies to have an explicit say over what mental wellbeing at work looks like.  This generation will have huge influence over the working environments for their own generation and those to come.

By empowering young people to become architects of their own professional and personal progress, this encourages them to give employers from across the UK valuable feedback and insight into what kind of mental wellbeing support younger generations want from their employer.   

We have rounded up some of the most wonderful and passionate minds of today to sit on our Leaders of Tomorrow, Mental Wellbeing Advocacy Board to generate insights that only the new generation can unlock.

We want to entirely change workplace wellbeing for the next generation.


Meet our Leaders of Tomorrow Advocacy Board…


Emily Sexton Brown

Chair, The Leaders of Tomorrow

Emily is a journalist by profession, and is the mental health content manager for 87%. Having worked in numerous environments she understands the fundamentals when it comes to the importance of workplace wellbeing for both the employee, and employer.

“I want to be part of the movement that changes the way the next generation live, and work. Mental health isn’t something we can switch on and off, we need to help people feel empowered and worthy.”


Shannon Juneja

Shannon is passionate, driven and wants to make a change when it comes to mental health. Shannon grew up watching her family and friends battle the constant stigma around mental health and truly believes that the ultimate sensation of loneliness is what drives people into a constant viscous cycle.

"I think what 87% are striving to do by driving the mission of taking your mental health into your own hands but also developing a support platform and network for the wider community is an essential part of the future."


George Taktak

George is a writer, speaker and entrepreneur dedicated to making mental wellbeing society's priority. Empowering empathy is the force behind George's work as the founder of ‘How Mental’, an online community of mental health advocates and Feeliom, a mobile app enabling people to easily express emotions through technology and take proactive care for their wellbeing.


Jack Jacobs

Vice Chair, The Leaders of Tomorrow

Jack spent 6 years recovering from Anorexia whilst working in the corporate world and building his own ventures. Jack is now a mental fitness coach and Vice Chair of The Leaders of Tomorrow, Mental Wellbeing Advocacy Board for 87%, who are changing the way we maintain and build our mental fitness.

“Only collectively will we change mental wellbeing for future generations. If you have a mind, you have mental health. We should all be building healthy mental fitness habits and I’m excited to be part of a movement that is encouraging everybody to become more self-aware and responsible for their mental wellbeing.”


Emmy Hawker

Emmy is a journalist with experience writing about the financial industry, and also has a background in satirical comedy pieces and poetry. She recently quit her job to focus solely on her mental wellbeing and so can provide real-time insight of the process involved in navigating the road to wellbeing. She is a huge advocate for doing more to encourage the corporate world to recognise the value of investing in employee wellbeing, not just churning out results.

"I really want to take the time to share my story and to listen to the stories of others. For me, this is about providing a platform for all voices. We all struggle emotionally at times, for a variety of reasons, and to completely ignore that side of ourselves in favour of being the 'perfect employee' is a mindset that has to change. It's vital there are supportive systems in place to protect mental wellbeing."


Josh Hubbins

Josh is a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, who uses CBT based principles to provide support to adults with mental health difficulties. Josh is passionate about mental health and wellbeing having committed years of professional and voluntary experiences to the cause of helping people of all ages. Josh recognises that mental health does not discriminate. His focus is on ensuring that he continues to make a difference in the lives of others to help shape a positive outlook on what mental fitness is and why we all need it.

"Mental health is like physical health - it's all about fitness. Just as we train our bodies to sculpt our ideal physique, it's just as important to keep our minds active, to help form healthy habits and invest in our wellbeing as a whole."